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Capitol City Hoop Classic
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Capitol City Hoop Classic

Committed Teams

St. Edmunds
Almighty Hawks-Oyster Bay, NY
Habits Basketball-NY
Charm City Crusaders
South County Sports Academy
Maryland Supreme
HYSL Hornets
Crusader Nation
D1SA Spartans
Philly Blue Devils
Bridgewater, NJ
Crofton Cardinals
Three Brothers Travel Team
Monstars (Philly)
DC Blue Devils
FBCG Dynamic Disciples
Balling is a Habit
MWA Alpha Wolves-Bronx, NY
FA Heat
Team Thrill
RNS Sports-Raleigh, NC
NC Cavs-Raleigh/Durham, NC
Golden Eagles-Newburgh, NY
Team Aftermath
Phoenix Prep-Hampton, VA
Charlotte Hoyas
Team Takeover-5th
Metroball D.C.
One Loudoun Titans
E.G. Premiere-Winchester, VA
Team Nationals
VA Grind Elite
Sean Kilpatrick Elite
Bridge City Basketball
Team Hatchett
DC Warriors
PG Mavericks
Team Underrated-NY
NJ Stronghold
MD Storm
D School
Bham Blue Devils
Next Level Elite
Hoop Heaven Hawks
Hooperstown Huskies
VA Elite
Almighty Force (Queens, NY)
Team Ken (Nashville, TN)
Philly Freedom Stars JV
South Philly Blue Devils
DC Monarchs
East Coast Elite-
Lower Delaware
Emory Elite Basketball-Washington DC
Team Voltage
Hidden Gems-Columbus, OH
Team Arsenal
WV 3D Elite
TBA-Woodbridge, VA
Team Izod-Sports U, Jersey City, NJ
Phoenix Prep-Hampton, VA
Tunnel Vision
Born to Ball-Annapolis, MD
Long Island Rough Ryderz
CT Select
Revolution Basketball-Albany, NY
Rucker Ambassadors
HC United